New Website Gallery

I've created a website Gallery where you can look at and buy (yes, indeed) some of my work - please visit by clicking on the image below:

Sea Froth - National Energy Lab Beach - SKOIL

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West Hawaii Plein Air Painters Schedule

Photos of most of these painting venues are in albums at https://picasaweb.google.com/theislandartist.

Please visit my new website at:

2014.april.18Honokohau National Park Go on out Queen K (North, of course, of course) and take the entrance to Honokokau Harbor – take the first right around the restaurant and continue to the sail boat storage at the makai end of the parking lot – make a left and then a right to drive along the harbor entrance and park close to the gate.  Get your stuff and walk with the water to the left until you see the entrance to the park and there you are.  Lots of shade and interesting stuff to paint, but THE POWERS  in charge of this park decree that “thou shalt not insert an umbrella into the holy ground” – go figure.
Here’s another ebook download from Richard Robinson – worth looking at as well as his demos on his site and YouTube:
see you

Painting Sessions are from 9a to 12:30p with a short critique to follow

Kohala Plein Air Schedule - fridays
Hilo-side Plein Air Painting Schedule - thursdays
Leslie at: leslie@lesismore.us
or at their website:


Newly Hung at the Kailua Village Artists' Gallery

more palms - this one from Mahai'ula, I like to call it - MaGoons - now showing at the Kailua Village Artists Gallery - downtown

South end - Mahai'ula Bay - 9x12 - plein air oils


New Work Showing

I've replaced nearly all of my work at the Kailua-town Kailua Village Artists' Gallery, across from the Kona Inn in the Kona Market Place.  Reception this Friday - april 11th - 4p to 7p, please come by.

New Work:

Dancing Palms - 20x16 - plein air oils


Friday's Painting - a non-spoiled SKOIL

Still working towards something simple, straightforward, and just on the verge of abstraction, I painted this one at keauhou bay with the west hawaii plein air painters:
keauhou shadow - plein air SKOIL


West Hawaii Plein Air Painters - 14.feb.2014

Hot, muggy, damp, grey day downtown by the pier and some painters had to leave early - I spent the time greying and whiting all of my colors - I like the sun better: