West Hawaii Plein Air Painters Schedule

All of these locations are singularly beautiful, photographs of most of them are available at  https://picasaweb.google.com/theislandartist - just look for the album named for the location.

I’ve been posting photos of sessions and work on FaceBook because it’s easiest for me and we can get a larger audience that way – SO – if you want to see, join FaceBook and “friend” me (it’s free and if you don’t give them a lot of information it’s not too much of a pain in the okole).

Also after the questions I was fielding last session about perspective I’ve found a few demonstrations on U-Tube for you to see and and there are a lot more available at my U-Tube channel – make use of them (address is at the bottom of this missive) – it’s a good cheap way to get better at painting.  Yeah, I know, some of you need a special professional expensive workshop in order to feel that what you’re getting is any good – I feel sorry for you – sometimes free or inexpensive is better.

3.april.2015 – HAPUNA – i feel silly giving directions to this place, so I won’t – go north on Queen K until you get there and park (only tourists have to pay) – it’s a big venue so you’re going to have to look around to find me and the critique location  – it will be at one of the structures on the lower part of the beach – high tide is at 9p.

10.april.2015 – OLD KONA AIRPORT north of town drive straight on Kuakini highway at the palani light until you get to a really really wide really really straight road – that’s “the runway” of the old airport (hard to miss).  To the right (mauka) halfway to the end there is a garden with a walking path – lots of close up plants and trees and stuff here to paint – at the end is a grassy knoll (look out for snipers).  The beach at the end and the beach to the makai side (isn’t that a surprise?) are also nice to paint.  Critique to be in one of the pavilions by the bathrooms to the north end of the runway, makai.
10.april.2015 – 6:00P - PARTY AT PETER’S PLACE -
There will be a potluck/party at Peter’s house on Friday, April 10th at 5:30 or 6 ish. Bring a dish and bring a friend or significant other.  Peter will provide some beer,wine and soft drinks-otherwise BYOB.  


17.april.2015 – CITY OF REFUGE – go on down to the City of Refuge to the picnic area – you’ll have to pay to get in (so pack the car full of people or get a senior pass) and the brilliant local folks won’t allow tripods or easels in the main part of the park (afraid, I guess, that we’ll set up and break some old rocks or something) so the picnic area is the only place we can go.

24.april.2015 – DOWNTOWN KAILUA – AROUND THE PIER – This has the possibility of being a very interesting session – or a disaster – let’s see which.  I’m looking at the area of the pier where it connects to Ali’i – from that general area you can see the Hawaiian stuff at the point by the Kam – the banyan tree – downtown on the road – downtown from the pier – anyway lots of stuff and the tourists are here – so – let’s see what happens!   (There is also a nice little beach to paint from by the palace).

see you there

I’ve started a playlist on You Tube for demos and other interesting videos – so far I’ve collected some good information on color theory, a few demos, and some quality information on the difference between whites in oil paints.  I’ll start collecting some demos and such for watercolors and pastels and even (horrors) acrylics in the future.  Address:
especially watch “is your red the same as my red” something I’m sure we’ve all thought about.
Give the tube a try – just run a search for “your media demos” you’ve be surprised at what shows up.

Painting Sessions are from 9a to 12:30p with a short critique to follow

Kohala Plein Air Schedule - fridays
Hilo-side Plein Air Painting Schedule - thursdays
Leslie at: leslie@lesismore.us
or at their website:


Just Back from the Hawi Gallery

A favorite, probably because I just love to paint out there - National Energy Labs Hawaii - Wawaloli Bay - a lot of interesting techniques in the foreground and love the colors! - 14x11 - plein air oils on board:

Wawaloli Bay Keiki Pond - 14x11 - Plein Air Oils on panel

Please visit this painting and the prints gallery by clicking on the image - mahalos



SKOILing at the National Energy Lab a few weeks ago

I call these small paintings "SKOILS" - SKetches in OILS - they're done in about an hour and are on half of a 9x12 loose sheet of canvas.  I've made two cigar box pochade boxes (here's one - http://theislandartist.blogspot.com/2009/09/cigarbox-paintbox.html) one of which is always ready to go out the door when i run errands - on the Big Island there are paintings everywhere and I hate not to be prepared.  This skoils is from the Wawaloli Bay kid's pool with the morning light shimmering through the shallow water.  6x9 Skoil

NELH Keiki Pond Shimmer - 9x6 SKOIL

NELH Keiki Pond Shimmer 2 - 9x6 SKOIL

SKOILS are like peanuts - it's hard to just eat one!!