SKOILing at the National Energy Lab a few weeks ago

I call these small paintings "SKOILS" - SKetches in OILS - they're done in about an hour and are on half of a 9x12 loose sheet of canvas.  I've made two cigar box pochade boxes (here's one - http://theislandartist.blogspot.com/2009/09/cigarbox-paintbox.html) one of which is always ready to go out the door when i run errands - on the Big Island there are paintings everywhere and I hate not to be prepared.  This skoils is from the Wawaloli Bay kid's pool with the morning light shimmering through the shallow water.  6x9 Skoil

NELH Keiki Pond Shimmer - 9x6 SKOIL

NELH Keiki Pond Shimmer 2 - 9x6 SKOIL

SKOILS are like peanuts - it's hard to just eat one!!


Busy this week. Friday was a bust – after my trip to waimea on Thursday and running (ok – walking sort-of fast) on the treadmill for about 30 minutes, I just didn’t feel like painting and just sketched some people in watercolors and left kind of early. Last two days working on a “liquid abstract” – 30x40 

 Just the underwater part done – next, water and waves and sparkle – maybe some foam. And finished what looked like a crapcicle from keauhou the week before to where I really like it – back in the “you paint like darrell” days. 

 Three sisters – plein air skoil 

Probably not painting this friday with the supposed hurricane and such – according to how it’s blowing, I might end up at the old airport (would prefer NELH – the tide’s going to be good and the waves are usually astounding, but there’s no cover there unless I want to paint from the back of the jeep – done that before – just back into the view and set up in the rear – we’ll see.


West Hawaii Plein Air Painters Schedule

All of these locations are singularly beautiful, photographs of most of them are available at  https://picasaweb.google.com/theislandartist - just look for the album named for the location.

The other day I was going through the analytics for my Fine Art Studio Online gallery site and noticed that there were five or six visitors from the same site – “Outdoor Painter” so I backtracked it and there we were – that guy that we ran into at NELH was on the level – he really did work for a plein air magazine and he posted us on the website – nice – we are famous!!  Here it is:
and indeed some plein air spots are better than others and we got ‘em.

28.aug – Kahalu’u Beach Park – just down south on Ali’i Drive next to the old Keauhou Outrigger Hotel - this is a wonderful beach for snorkeling as well as painting and especially people.  This is a pretty expansive venue and there are a lot of stuffs to paint and plenty of shade so bring your snorkel and fins, something for lunch and – yeah – some painting stuff and there you go.  I don’t know where I’ll be, but let’s plan on the critique around the pavilion, unless there’s a loud birthday party going on. A beautiful beach, lots of shade, and maybe lots of people for those of you that like that kind of stuff.

see you there

I’ve started a playlist on You Tube for demos and other interesting videos – so far I’ve collected some good information on color theory, a few demos, and some quality information on the difference between whites in oil paints.  I’ll start collecting some demos and such for watercolors and pastels and even (horrors) acrylics in the future.  Address:
especially watch “is your red the same as my red” something I’m sure we’ve all thought about.
Give the tube a try – just run a search for “your media demos” you’ve be surprised at what shows up.

Here’s an entertaining documentary (?) movie about Rembrandt’s “the Night Watch” and how it destroyed the end of this great artist’s career.  Humorous and a little campy, but shows that there’s more to a painting then paint.  “J’Accuse” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miakrOVtKQAPainting Sessions are from 9a to 12:30p with a short critique to follow

Kohala Plein Air Schedule - fridays
Hilo-side Plein Air Painting Schedule - thursdays
Leslie at: leslie@lesismore.us
or at their website: